PARSES logo. A red 8-bit art stylized letter "P" and the word PARSES in all caps to its right.

Programmable and Reconfigurable Soft Engineered Systems

PARSES (PI Kris Dorsey) is a multi-disciplinary group at Northeastern University in the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (College of Engineering) and Physical Therapy, Movement, and Rehabilitation Sciences (PTMRS, BouveĢ College of Health Sciences).

We work on challenges related to the design and engineering of soft actuators, wearable devices, and soft robotics, with focuses on:
  • Applications of wearable robots to healthcare and physical rehabilitation, particularly to conditions related to edema
  • Design of novel morphology, soft material mechanical sensors with the ability to tailor or select a particular deformation
  • Scalable fabrication approaches for multifunctional and active materials
  • Design of origami-inspired, self-sensing soft actuators